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Elements of Dimensional Geometry: Paperback
mechanics of spherical harmonic spatial/temporal proportion

Published: 2019

Description: An extension of Euclid’s elements relevant to the geometry of proportion infused with notions common to Pythagorean number theory, wherein the structure of the natural dimensional proportion of Pascal’s triangle is characterized using a novel modulus nine geometrical analysis method.
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Key elements of conventional quantum theory are placed within the context of the proposed dimensional framework: The nature of spherical harmonics, thought to control the periodic order of atomic energy states, is shown to be symmetrically governed by the complementary cuboctahedral dipole field produced by the rotational differentiation of the golden, exponential, roots of space and time. Going deeper, the base field symmetry is geometrically proven to culminate with the in-circle perspective of the 3-4-5 triangle, which produces an integral spectrum of electromagnetic-like prime-monopole proportion posited to be characteristic of photons.
The Unified Field


Description: A scholarly science/philosophy book detailing concepts of Dimensional Number Theory. A Pythagorean leaning theory of everything (TOE) detailing the complementary spatial/temporal dimensional symmetry of Pascal’s triangle and its application as an alternative to Schrodinger's spherical harmonic model of quantum physics.
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